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Measure your stress biomarkers and receive a personalised plan for living healthier

Let’s fix stress together.

You've been bravely handling your stress

You’re tired. Moody. Less focused. Can't sleep. Less sex. More weight.
But this is optional.

Our Stress Package

Complete Stress Test

1. Biomarkers From Saliva

Cortisol Rhythm


2. Biomarkers From Urine




Homovanillic Acid (HVA)



3. Advanced medical report

4. Your personalised health plan

Measure your stress biomarkers and receive a personalised plan for living healthier

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No More


You got used to feeling tired, but it's not you. You don't need psychedelics to feel energetic again. Measure your fatigue biomarkers and fight back with personalised treatment.

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Poor Sleep

Everybody deserves a good night's sleep. Instead of counting sheep every evening, learn how to tackle your sleep problems from within.

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Mood Swings

It's not all in your head! Stress can undermine your happiness molecules. Check if they are at the right levels.

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Low Libido

Sex is important, don't get used to less! You can be fooled by your hormones, but that's something that can be fixed.

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Weight Gain

Gaining weight mysteriously? Tired of eating only broccoli? Stress slows down your metabolism and increases inflammation, so it might be to blame.

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How It Works

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    Get the box

    As soon as you order online, our team will prepare your personalised kit.

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    Spit & pee

    Your samples will be safe in the box and the postman will never know.

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    Quick results

    Our team combines the analysis of your cortisol, DHEA, Serotonin, Epinephrine, Noradrenaline, Homovanillic Acid (HVA) and more into a single picture of you.
    Understanding is the first step to action.

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    What if my results are soooo bad?

    No worries. Stress is unfair but it can be controlled. Our team can build a personalised follow-up if you need it.

They Tried And Loved It...


"I was exhausted and over stressed, I couldn’t even work properly, couldn’t focus or have a clear mind. I have heard about burnout and it was something I was afraid of. Following Akesio’s programme during several months I now feel completely recovered. I have a new lifestyle and I know now what to do about my stress or extreme fatigue, and if this happens again in the future, I will definitely not wait until it gets worse to seek help."


"I am an entrepreneur who loves adrenalin. Preparing a new project meant for me endless work hours and a lot of excitement and ‘positive’ stress. Akesio helped me understand that keeping it up in the long term is like running a marathon. With their tests and program I learnt that I shouldn’t ignore stress impact just because I'm young."


"This year was a pretty challenging one, with lots of projects like moving house, writing a novel, life... I felt the pressure growing and at some point, I started to notice how I wasn’t sleeping well, lacking energy. When I heard about Akesio, I was relieved to get some help with that."